CrowPrints Puzzles by daniel w. trythall



My hand signed “giclee” prints (a French feminine noun that means a spray or a spurt of liquid) are an elevation in print making technology, high resolution digital images printed on coated watercolor paper with inks that rival traditional silver-halide found in museums and art galleries.

With this art I’m sharing my appreciation for the minor details of everyday life and my insights into the beauty and often overlooked aspects of nature.

I view crow and butterfly as totems; they are emissaries for the spirit in all things natural. The common crow is a highly intelligent survivor with the ability to reason, use tools and adapt to the many hazards of life in the city. Butterflies represent miraculous examples of transformation.

I currently have over 6,000 reference photos of crows and butterflies, always searching for just the right pose or expression.  All of my prints are based on my own digital photography and are hand printed on an Epson Pro 4800.

My art is created using virtual tools along with a graphics tablet and pen which can function as a pen, pencil, or watercolor brush to achieve the desired effect. The mosaics are actually contours describing a three dimensional form superimposed with a photographic eye. The butterflies are photographic composites.



Dan is a Designer and an Artist that was given the talent to express what he feels visually. He studied art at MontanaState with a primary emphasis in graphics, interiors and product design. Some of his serigraphy is in the University’s permanent collection and his jewelry design has received numerous accolades. At the end of his junior year he was one of twelve students, nation wide, to participate in a General Motors Design Intern Program. Upon graduation Dan entered the world of commercial interior design and spent the next fifteen years as an interior design professional.

In March of this year Dan resigned his space analyst position at the University of Washington in order to focus his attention on creating and selling his art.

Dan believes that his fine art prints of crows and butterflys raise the awareness of our relationship with and to the small things in nature.

His vision for his art and CrowPrints is to contribute to the goodness in the universe with thoughtful art, quality design and reasonable prices.